On 1st April, 2023, JTCP Visited Republic of Sudan, Khartoum

Joint Technical Committee on Pensions (JTCP) Members

S/No Name Designation
1. Hon. Nul Jacob Mayendit Chairperson, JTCP,  South Sudan (General Manager/ SSPF)
2. Mrs. Monica John Mojwok D/Chairperson JTCP (Legal Advisor/SSPF)
3. Lt. Gen. Bona Panek Biar Member of JTCP (Representing the Ministry of Defense)
4. Lt.Gen. Majak Arol Kachuol Member of JTCP (Representing the Ministry of Interior)
5. Hon. Justin Joseph Marona Member of JTCP (Advisor, SSPF)
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